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Looking to make a positive global impact? GDC LLC is the place for you! Our multi-disciplinary business operations and focus on emerging markets in Africa make us the perfect partner for sustainable development initiatives. Let's work together and make the world a better place!

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Global Development Company-GDC LLC is an international business services company founded in 2001 by Mr. Thomas Mabiala. As an established business services provider, we strive to conduct business with integrity and efficiency to produce wealth that is used to reward the parties involved in developing these programs, serve the local communities and train its people to work for themselves.

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Global Development Company-GDC LLC is an innovative business services provider with a range of expertise encompassing mining activities and trade, water treatment services, agriculture, environmental protection sustainability, business consulting and investment opportunities. Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to helping clients maximize their potential and create a lasting, prosperous future.

We have recently launched several projects including carbon credit harvesting in the Green Forest, planting trees and studying the biomass of the forests in the  Congo-Kinshasa, agriculture and water treatment in the Lower Congo, trading of gold and diamonds, and construction projects. Read more about these projects and how GDC LLC is helping to make the world a better place.

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